Kritik an Belohnungen des 1-Wochen-Races – Statement von Chris Wilson

Heute Abend um 22 Uhr startet bei Path of Exile das erste 1-Wochen-Rennen der laufenden Saison. Die Belohnungen, die im Rahmen des Events vergeben werden, stoßen bei einigen Spielern jedoch nicht auf allzu viel Gegenliebe. In die entstandene Diskussion klinkte sich nun auch Lead Developer Chris Wilson mit einigen klärenden Worten ein. Die Beiträge des Entwicklers im Original kannst du hier lesen!

Sorry for not replying earlier. This prize structure was picked for two reasons:
a) So that it doesn’t feel mandatory for people to play the one week race to win the prize uniques. Instead the racers win the points from this race.
b) As a trial. The only way we know what works is to try it out. If you don’t like the prize structure, you don’t have to play in the event. We’ll see the feedback and data and adjust it in the future.

You’re still welcome to play in this league even if you don’t think you’ll win one of the top 500 slots. Maybe you’ll see an opportunity to claim a spot with a burst of activity near the end of the week.

If we gave large reward points prizes for getting to certain levels then all players who are competing in Season One would feel compelled to get to that level in the one week race for the sake of getting those prizes. It would mean that people’s hard work getting to the skill level required to win decent point rewards from the shorter races would be invalidated by slow and steady participation in this league (a week is plenty of time to get to level 60 or whatever the tier would be).

If we gave out small rewards points prizes for specific levels then people would complain that getting to level 60 is too much work for say two points (compared to the shorter duration races). Our goal is not to make people play in a one week event for the sake of it. They should play because they’re going to have fun or because they think they can do it better than other players.

The goal of the one week race is to:
a) Provide a place where people who want a fresh league/economy for a week can play. These people don’t necessarily care about the season reward points.
b) Provide a way for racers to show their mastery of longer duration events. They have to make tough choices about how much of that one week event they want to give up for smaller events that may win them more (or less, upon death) prizes.

There will be other one week events in the future with much more generous prize structures. That’s not appropriate for this particular slot in Season One though.

We are listening hard to the feedback and making changes (for example moving the event times around to be better for Americans and adding one-point thresholds for the shorter races). I’m sorry that we’re holding our ground with this race, but we do feel it’s going to be a fun event and an important (but not overwhelming) contributor to the results of Season One.

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  2. Path of Exile: Beiträge von Chris Wilson im Original (Teil 2)

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Ich habe keine Ahnung wie viele Leute bei den Races mitmachen aber über 2-3 Tausend werden es schon sein oder?
Was sind denn da 500, da muss man ja Urlaub oder so haben um da mithalten zu können 🙂

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