Shadow of the Vaal

Shadow of the Vaal
Act 2
  1. You have unleashed a Darkness upon the land. Find a way to lift it.
  2. Yeena has asked you to banish the darkness that now pervades the land. Perhaps someone in the Forest Encampment might be able to help?
  3. Eramir believes the creature of shadow may be residing atop an ancient Vaal pyramid north of Oak's camp. Find it.
  4. You have found the ancient, buried Vaal pyramid. Climb to the top and find the creature of shadow.
  5. Activate the Dark Altar at the top of the Ancient Pyramid.
  6. Talk to Eramir about the Dark Altar atop the Ancient Pyramid.
  7. Obtain the amulets of the bandit lords Oak, Kraityn and Alira to find a clue to activating the Dark Altar.
  8. Kill the Vaal Oversoul atop the Ancient Pyramid.
  9. Get the Apex from the Eramir in the Forest Encampment.
  10. Get the Apex from the Oak in the Pools and Streams.
  11. Get the Apex from the Alira in the Western Forest.
  12. Get the Apex from the Kraityn on the Broken Bridge.
  13. You have killed the Vaal Oversoul and banished the darkness. The exit at the top of the Ancient Pyramid is now open.
  14. Quest Complete - You have vanquished the Vaal Oversoul.

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Shadow of the Vaal has no gems as reward.

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